Trip Reports & Existential Crises

  • Wallowa Death March 1.0

    Setting the Scene

    This is a “trip report” for a misadventure I had with my good friend and many-time bad-idea partner Ian Cooke back in early Summer 2016. The goal to summit the ten tallest summits in Northeast Oregon’s Wallowa Mountain range. (I have no idea whose idea this was)

    The photo album for the trip can be found...

  • Cactus to Clouds to Cactus

    Cactus to clouds to cactus is a ridiculous Southern California day hike. Starting by the Palm Springs Art Museum, and climbing some 11,000 feet over 16 miles to the summit of San Jacinto, and then back down. (These numbers are somewhat approximate. The net elevation gain is around 10,400 feet, but many of those feet have to be earned more...